Monday, March 14, 2011

Protect against child abuse.

There are resources available for those struggling with their baby... family, friends, mother and baby units, your local hospital, the maternal health line.. please... if you feel overwhelmed, call someone. Anyone.

A sweet little angel is placed in your arms,
You vow her protection and love
You hold her so gently, and smile adoration
And God watches on from above.

A month down the track, and your angel is crying
She’s screaming all day and all night
Nothing you try now will settle her down
And of her, you can’t stand the sight.

You try one more bottle, but still she is crying
You try not to get so upset
Attempting a cuddle, you pick your sweet girl up...
But brutally shake her instead.

You just couldn’t help it... but now she’s not breathing
She’s laying silent and limp in her bed
Your body is shaking, you’ve had no help with her...
And now your sweet angel is dead.

The resources were out there, you didn’t take hold
Didn’t call for the help when you could
You feel so much guilt, so much anger at YOU
And as God watches, he thinks “so you should”

A sweet little angel was placed in your arms
You promised her love and your care
But when she needed you most, she had no understanding
Why only your anger was there.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on??

kitter said...

Child abuse, right around the world. Its not about me, its not about MY child, or any that I know. Its a call for awareness.

Anonymous said...

Good for that! Rock on to you, Riley and Chris. Keep up the good work and HBTY later this month!!

kitter said...

Um.. My partner is Matt. Riley's dad. Same person I've been with for nearly 2 years...