Sunday, February 3, 2013

Excercise and D

I have always heard, excercise is an important part of good diabetes control. And, its true.

But, what when your diabetes, won't let you excercise?

I'm annoyed this morning. I'm trying my hardest to get fit and lose a LOT of weight... but diabetes likes to interfere. This is the second time in a couple of weeks - and I know, thats not a lot - that I've not been able to do my morning work out because of a hypo. It frustrates me to no end, that I am working so hard to lose weight, and to do it without manipulating insulins and running high, and then diabetes goes and rears its ugly head and gets in the way.

So - fellows Ds, parents of Ds, partners of Ds... how do you or your loved ones work around it? Do you just try to find a time later in the day? Do you have a small snack before working out (I threw back a handful of dried cranberries this morning pre-excercise)? Do you run that little bit higher of a morning, knowing you will burn it off?

Share your ideas, please... and send your friends over for help, too, if you can!

Love love x

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Hang in there! Keep trying different things, and keep notes (I know it sucks, but it really helps).

It took me a long time to figure out a recipe of diabetes management to allow me to play afternoon basketball, and even when I do everything right, it sometimes messes me up.

I can't remember if you're on a pump or not - but if so, and if you're playing around with temporary basal rates, you have to remember to start those rates at leat 60-90 minutes ahead of time.