Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dark Cognition

Lying in bed,
The dark surrounding me,
I am illuminated only by the dull light coming from my laptop.
The only noise I hear,
Is that of the traffic outside, as cars pass every few seconds,
and the rhythmic tap-tap-tap of my keyboard as I type,
Just type whatever comes to mind.
I close my eyes for a moment, and stretch my fingers,
Almost willing my thoughts to pour out the ends...
And at the same time, I wish my musings to stay hidden, private,
Even from myself.
Brief thoughts flit across my mind,
and I try to banish them.
They are unwanted, unwelcome, unnecessary,
Serving only to complicate thing which are best kept simple.
Accompanying each of those unwelcome thoughts
is a brief flash of memory, an image before my eyes,
A picture that is just as unwelcome as the thought it tags itself onto.
I close my eyes, and try to will my thoughts away,
Try to focus elsewhere,
Try to clear my mind of... of unbidden thoughts,
Dangerous territory,
Uncharted waters.
My eyes grow heavy,
And I feel my breathing become deeper, heavier, slower.
My arms relax, my fingers become still,
And the tap-tap-tap of the keyboard becomes slower, clearer, heavier.
It is time to stop,
Time to sleep,
Time to dream.

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princess.shiny said...

That's every lovely and nicely written!